jsgrid Javascript Grid Framework

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Download the whole document of the latest version here.

Jsgrid is a javascript framework which was designed to make it easy for grid design. When grid is used in layout, pure css is enough. I have developed 2 grid layout generators to generate codes of CSS and HTML based on 2 different designs. But when the grid is used in other applicaitons, I prefer to using javascript methods.

This framework is based on the grid design that was illastrated in the grid layout generator - grid not float. In fact, grid is a more organized structure. Some common actions may be applicable to other occasions. Currently, more than 20 methods were developed and there will be more to be added in.

Here are a few of demos developed by the methods of jsgrid.

(The demos may not use the most updated methods. It only makes them easier to use most updated methods.)

One point I have to say is that jsgrid saves the code of HTML tags. You can try with the grid generator to generate a grid of 2 rows and 4 columns. See how many tags you have to write. Using jsgrid, only needs 2 lines of javascript codes.

But HTML tages are expensive. Excessive use of tags will slow down the speed of the browser, so will the tags generated by javascript. So don't make too many grid cells in one page.

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