About the Layout Generators

Why to develop this tool

Last year I read an article introducing multi-column layout design - the Perfect multi-column CSS liquid layouts design by Matthew James Taylor. It's the best design I ever knew and applied its layout in my website. But the problem came when I needed to adjust the width of one column, the other columns also changed. I didn't know how to figure out the exact css values for the changed columns. The only thing I could do was to test again and again.

This was not the solution. My goal might be develop hundreds of sites in the future. That's why I developed this tool. Since the tool is published on the net, I have received many positive reviews and valuable suggestions. Thanks for all the attentions. The tools will continue refining and improvement.

History of updates on the net



To credit what I've done is very simple - help to spread the tool. I believe a lot of pepole need it to simplify their work. Please let me know if you use the layout generated by these tools in your website. I may create a link to your site as a demo. Lastly, I would ask a question. Do you think if there's the need to have extra syntax on multi-column in CSS3? I see no because it has not been holy grail.

Feel free to send me your questions at pagecolumn@gmail.com. Thanks!